BannerBWHumanized ubermensch wrestles evil with his harangues of incoherent philosophies and wandering values. To him over and above laws and non-existing human natures is the nous.

He is beyond good and evil, the person between a murderer and a priest, though he’d sooner murder than preach. He refuses to submit himself to senseless dogmas and outdated beliefs. Thus, he is an atheist. If god is real, he must be really incompetent.

Once upon a time, he saved the human race from all its unnecessary demons. Today he redeems himself from the human race and all its farce.

This blog houses unrestricted thoughts. For the longest time, he has been keeping words strapped to his tongue, cringing at the thought that the world is not ready for him or my ramblings yet, frightened to disillusion the people that he values most. But days like those have only tormented him. How do you keep the waves from the seas? You can’t, even when they’re shallow.

He is a frost in a painful summer, the wide net stretch unto all the seas, the twenty-fifth hour of the day, the god you pray to in grief. He does not exist.

Blake is.



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